Last updated November 7, 2011

This Privacy Policy outlines how Consumer Smart Media (hereafter "CSM" or "We") collects, stores, uses and discloses personal information provided at events and/or through the website with operating URL

Changes to this Privacy Policy may be made at any time. Use of the website and/or the submission of information through our registration page is taken as consent to the terms laid out in this Privacy Policy. We suggest you refer back to this Privacy Policy every now and then to keep up to date on how your information is collected and used.

CSM keeps a database of everyone who registers through our system made up of demographic and contact information each user has provided (opt-in information) and authorizing confirmation for communication between the user and CSM, and the user and our partners (such as authorization to send the user emails regarding promotions or other activity). User information is never shared unless they have agreed to share it by opting-in to receive emails from a disclosed authorized party such as the event they attended or the company whose draw they entered.

Information Collection

Through our at-event registration system we require each registrant to provide certain personal information that can be used to identify them including but not limited to: name, email address, address or province and city of residence, and phone number etc. We will also ask for optional information including but not limited to: how you heard about the event, and what topics relating to the event's theme you are most interested in. This information is stored in our database as a record of attendee demographics, to register the user's email address to receive email offers from the event or its partners, and to provide the user with offers, promotions, event, products and/or services that they would be most interested in.

When you use our website we track and record general access information such as the time you accessed the site, your IP address, your browser type and version, which pages you visit, how long you visit each page, which site you were on before ours, etc. This information is not used to identify you specifically, and is only used for us to track our site's use by visitors so we can monitor each page's success with user interaction.

Storing Your Information

A user's provided information is stored in our secure database for as long as we deem it necessary to administer the communication and offers services the user opted-in for at the time of submission, as long as required by law to retain proof of administrative activity such as contest entry, or until the user withdraws permission for its storage.

Sharing Your Information

Your submission of personal information, including but not limited to the information mentioned above, is taken as consent of its collection, use and disclosure subject to your opt-in selections and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

When you submit your information you will be asked if you would like to receive emails from the event, exhibitors from the event, and possibly to subscribe to show sponsors. Opting in to these email lists may be required to register, or may be required to take part in promotional opportunities such as draws or contests. In agreeing to receive emails from anyone through our registration page you are giving CSM consent to share your email address and other personal information with the specified parties.

Use of Your Information

Your information may be used to add demographics information to our database; administer contests or promotions; to bring you offers relevant to you; to subscribe you to event, exhibitor or sponsor mailing lists in accordance with your selections; to foster communication between you and the event and its exhibitors or sponsors; to create, manage or update customer accounts; to process your registration at the event; to process payment at the time of ticket purchase; manage, conduct, administer or promote in other ways disclosed at the time of registration.

You information is only used if you opt-in to register, and is only shared if you opt-in to share it with specified selected parties. Those parties are required to never share, sell, or use your information for any purposes other than those to which you have consented.

Your information may also be shared in the event of any legal action that requires the disclosure of that information by law.

Securing Information Collection and Storage

Although we take good measure to ensure the collection and storage of your personal information is secure, if you opt-in to our database you are consenting to an understanding that no interactive or online information collection and storage technology is 100% secure, and that we cannot guarantee your information will never fall into the hands of unauthorized or outside parties. For example, CSM cannot be held responsible for the access of your information by unauthorized parties who penetrate our system without consent and retrieve your information, or unauthorized parties who misrepresent themselves as you or one of our authorized parties.

Because you may opt-in to share your information with one or more authorized parties, we cannot guarantee measures taken by those parties to secure your information. We ask our partners to take great care with your personal information, but ultimately we cannot be held responsible for their actions if you opt-in to provide your information to our partner parties. In some cases these authorized and partner parties may process your information outside of Canada or North America in accordance with their own Privacy Policy or Business Policy, in which case the security of your information will come under laws that may be different than those in Canada or The United States. Law enforcement agencies may also obtain access to your personal information as permitted by the governing law.

Opting-out of our Master Database
If you have submitted your personal information to us through the opt-in registration form or any other means, such as subscribing to a partner, you may opt-out of our stored master database at any time by contacting us at You may also contact us to update your information. Opting-out of the CSM master database does not withdraw your information from any other database you opted-in for at the time of submission, such as the event or exhibitors' mailing lists. To opt-out of those lists you must contact the party directly.

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